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Sega Royal AscotSega Royal Ascot - Horse racing machines with pictures of the early Sega machine, the DX2 and the 2SD upgraded machines with access to cheats and tips for defeating the Sega Royal Ascot machine. (Supposedly anyway!)

How to beat Sega Royal Ascot is now an impossible question to answer now they've upgraded them with new chips. Some information on betting and background to the older chipped machines.

There are a few sources of code breakers hints and tips. Apparently some of the earlier machine were crackable. People have been tracking SEGA machines across the world to see if there are any of the first generation chips still in use. If there are, then apparently you can learn how to beat Sega Royal Ascot for thousands of dollars, so it is important to find them before they are all upgraded.

How to Beat Sega Royal Ascot, horse racing machine (Click to enlarge)

A recent "expert" has reported that as of today (2006), no old chips are remaining. There are still gaming techniques that you can use, but no more guaranteed wins and no magic access to how to beat Sega Royal Ascot. There are hundreds of thousands of pages of data on the current generation chip, but it appears bulletproof at this time. So, it seems that if you are going to beat the game, you will need a friend with a key !

Another "expert" has also recently reported that there are only 2 of the old chip Sega's still in operation. Both of these machines are in South America and are in a currency which does not allow one to make a realistic amount of profit to make it worth while travelling there to play them (unless you were going there anyway).

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Investors Hub - Access to discussion groups on beating the odds on gambling machines.

Sega Dreamcast Cheats - Although not specifically about how to beat Sega Royal Ascot horse racing machine, this interesting site has access to Sega Dreamcast cheats.

SGTI - Sega Ascot, Ascot, Sega Royal Ascot from SGE Gaming.

The bet60 system will work on these machines and guarantee you a cash flow of 30-50 credits per hour, but the value of those credits may be far too low to make it economically viable to play there. Also note that the number of operating Sega Royal Ascot machines worldwide has dropped considerably as the machines become more problematic due age, lack of parts and technicians that are even harder to find. The value of the total machine itself which was once as high as $2 million is now around $60,000.

Perhaps if the machines discover a new market, such as China, they will experience a surge in popularity again, but as of the end of 2005, it is almost impossible to know how to beat Sega Royal Ascot as no known crack for the current generation chip exists.

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